Sunday, April 19, 2015


A new magazine in Puerto Rico is born.

When you hear stories about people leaving the Island in search of opportunities outside Puerto Rico, it makes us sad, but when you hear stories as the one we are about to tell you it makes us thrilled with joy.

A talented group of young people got together a few months ago and brainstorm about the idea of doing their own magazine.  What? In this economy! They had the guts and they did it. They gathered resources, they got together as a team, they looked for talented people to be part of their group and VERSUS magazine was born.

Last Thursday was the VERSUS launching event and we were there. Maybe the VERSUS team don't know the positive effect their actions have to young entrepreneurs, they are so humble when they speak about "their project", but the domino effect is huge. The event that took place at the Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art was packed. Everybody was talking about how good was to have a genuine new magazine, another media for clients to show their products, another media for talented people to show their ideas and a different point of view to look at. After all, it's called: VERSUS.

It's not another lifestyle magazine, it's a stunningly beautifully designed magazine with great content and 100% made in Puerto Rico, with both printed and on-line platforms.

Let us receive it with open arms and continue supporting great ideas like VERSUS. Enjoy the first cover with Denise Quiñones.

You may take a look a the online edition of the magazine at

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Travel 42: Puerto Rico Travel Tips

5 best hotels in Puerto Rico for the active traveler

Puerto Rico has a vast appeal. It’s a cultural epicenter and a hiking haven, and it arguably has some of the most amazing beaches. Clients looking for a tropical getaway find comfort in the accessibility of the island. U.S. residents enjoy a selection of over 2,000 weekly flights and the security of traveling to a U.S. territory—and the best news yet—no passport!
Travelers looking to do more than soak up the rays on Puerto Rico's hot sand have plenty of options for activities both inside their resort and out. Here's our list of the top five hotels in PR (as the locals call it) for the active traveler.
The W Retreat & Spa in Vieques Island: one of the best venues for your next corporate event or wedding! Contact us for your next event décor.
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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy St. Valentines!

Wish you a Happy St. Valentines Day!
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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Journey of a Lamp

Every wedding is remembered by something. The bride's dress, a great party, excellent choice of food, or a stunning décor; and it's our job to collaborate, to think and to work hard to make it happen!

A lamp is a lamp, it serves the purpose of illuminate. But these lamps at the Ritz Carlton Dorado Reserve were transformed into a whimsical ceiling garden to enhance the fabulous décor of the tables. By transforming these we changed the mood of the venue. The bride requested white tiny flowers hanging from the ceiling and we gave her a garden hanging from the ceiling. We didn't disrupt the place, we didn't compete with the venue, we enhanced the atmosphere, we gave guests a pleasurable item to look at, well six pleasurable items to look at.

We worked hard, we asked, we listened to fabulous people with great ideas that inspired us even more.

What drives us at STEM Events, is to be unique and to be in constant change. Enjoy these wonderful pieces of art, which were born by the imagination, collaboration and talent of many people. Many will follow, many will copy and will try to recreate, but we will move forward and start thinking on a new - even better project.