Sunday, March 10, 2013

Saturday Culinary Trip

Recommended for its fabulous fried turnovers made of fish, shrimp, beef, chicken, etc., kiosko La Familia is located in the Muncipality of Barceloneta, Puerto Rico in the coastal area. You need to take Route 684 alongside the beach, called Avenida Boca, to the west in direction of the Muncipality of Arecibo. This route is full of places where you can stop eat and drink, but Kiosko La Familia, at Sector Verdun, is the one to stop. It only offers non-alcoholic beverages, but no worry, just across the street you will find a bar call El Brindis del Bohemio, there you will find cold beers! After this stop, continue same route to the Muncipality of Arecibo and your will arrive to Sector Islote where another stop is recomended, Salitre Restaurant, once you get there you will feel like you have arrived at an Ibiza's Upscale Chiringuito Puerto Rican Style. Enjoy the pictures!