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Last Minute Requests!!! They are the best

Christmas season is here! Need a wreath, an exquisite Christmas arrangement for your dinner table or a set up for your Christmas party? Don't worry we are here to help you? Contact STEM Events for a great décor.  We provide services in the Islands of Puerto Rico.

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Flowers in one of the most important moments: Weddings

Anabelle Barranco our Creative Director wrote a column for N-Punto, a Web Magazine, with her view and suggestions of the steps to follow in the creation of a stylish, simple and memorable wedding. In summary, Anabelle uses her experience in weddings and events' décor to make the following suggestions.

  • Use natural flowers for your hair.
  • Use just one type of flower for the wedding and repeat it everywhere. Never use more than 3 colors for the wedding.
  • Use flowers as an additional décor element on the plates, napkins, cake, etc. (i.e. put a flower in the Champagne Glass).
  • Give every guest a flower at the entrance of the wedding reception.
  •  As previously mentioned in our Blog: Never Overstress the Event Décor.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Highly Recommended!

This exhibition is highly recommended. The place: Ibiza, only an 8 hours trip from my location. All sculptors are great! in particular, our friend Elena Abeni who's Fish sculpture will always remind me of all the peaceful places I have visited. Éxito Elena! 

Follow this Blog: http://butacaartequeanda.blogspot.come

Monday, October 15, 2012

Simple is better

When planning an event décor it is better to look for simple ideas. Simple will always be beautiful and classic. An overstressed event décor may indirectly create a mismatch of ideas and trends. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Creative Collaboration

A creative collaboration of Flowers by Anabelle, STEM Events' Premier Florist, with Carlos Alegria for a HOME Supplement issued by Primera Hora, a Puerto Rico Newspaper. The Flower Arrangements were designed using Cymbidium Orchids, Sea Grape Leaves and Coconuts.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

What an inspiration!

This is the first post of STEM Events Lifestyle Blog and we want to share a very special moment with all of you. Every year, my wife and I travel to Ibiza and Formentera looking for new trends that will inspire us to create special events and décor, and as always, greet a few friends we have in the Island of Ibiza. During our one day trip to Formentera, we were walking at the beach at sunset and found a great view in the horizon of one of the most mystical places on Earth, the Rock Island of ES VEDRA. This Island has served as inspiration to many myths and legends. As some say, it was the holly island of a Phoenician goddess of fertility and heavenly mother, TANIT, who became Ibiza’s patroness. The high magnetic field of ES VEDRA is the result of high concentration of metals and minerals. This place is the Third Most Magnetic Spot. What an inspiration!