Monday, January 7, 2013

STEM the Party!

During this Christmas Season we decided to throw 2 parties in our home for our friends. Our vision of what a party or an event should be was put into practice right away. There are 5 steps that need to be followed at the time of throwing an event:

  1. Set your expectations. Clearly establish what you want to accomplish with the event. 
  2. Personalized the event, here comes the mix and match. You need to be aware that you may have a lot of friends, but not all your friends are alike. Different people means different styles in term of food, music, age, etc. Sometimes is better to create different gatherings than to throw 1 huge party for all people you know. 
  3. Look for the venue. Sometimes when looking for a venue, the most interesting places tend to be overlooked. Places like your home, your terrace and your patio are spaces that can be easily decorated for the event. Re-arranging of furniture may be necessary, the best thing is that the venue evoke your personality.
  4. Decór: an event decór is not as easy as you think. The rental of event furniture, if not carefully selected may create an unbalanced atmosphere and may result in an unwanted distraction for your guests.  Sometimes following event decór trends is not recommended, for example you may only need 1 fabulous flower arrangement.
  5. Be yourself! 
Following is our Mission Accomplish photo (phrases written by our guests during our 2 Christmas parties):

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