Monday, August 10, 2015

Sunflowers in Guánica, Puerto Rico

After several months of hard work, we always try to relax a little bit and do something to free our minds until we are called for duty and begin a new season of fabulous events. This time we invited two of our staff, Rebeca and Fernando, to the Municipality of Guánica to visit the fabulous Finca El Girasol.  We really enjoyed the day off, the Sunflowers were beautiful, our own piece of Tuscany on the Caribbean. We visited the south of Puerto Rico which is really impressive, the Municipalities of Yauco, Guánica, Ponce are worth a trip.  

Our final stop, La Barca Restaurant in the Municipality of Salinas is a great place to eat good food, drink some beers and enjoy the amazing sunset.

Here are some pictures of our trip. 

Colmado El Limón, the required stop for some cold drinks right after your visit  Finca El Girasol. Rebeca and Fernando at "The Rock of Guánica, also known as the Historic Rock, it's a rock discovered during the construction of Road #333 in Guánica. The rock has an engraving which was later determined that was done by engineers of the United States Army, and thought that it was been carved during the American invasion of Puerto Rico in 1898."

Sunset view at La Barca Restaurant, Salinas, Puerto Rico.

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