Sunday, December 9, 2012

Welcome to la Calle Loíza

Evolution is a word that applies to some extent to what  has been happening in "la Calle Loíza" and let me tell you, I have been walking this street since I remember. Now is the time, the beginning of a golden age, where two cultures and folklore collide to provoke the senses: the young unafraid Puerto Ricans exposing their ideas in a totally new artistic way and the Dominicans with their unique sense of humor and way of living. New restaurants that mix the old ways of doing business in the area, like the Dominican Markets where you can find a variety of goods, including a nice, very nice cold Medalla beer. I was surprised yesterday when I noticed there was a sort of Market located at the vacant lot named Cinema Paradiso de Puerto Rico where young Puerto Ricans artists and writers were selling there works of art. It was extremely fabulous, I closed my eyes, yes; I closed them to hear the voices of all the people in the background and smell in the air the incense all over the place and I fell confused; where I'am, a market in New York, or a Hippie Market in Ibiza... 

Feria del Libro Independiente y Alternativo, Cinema Paradiso en la Calle Loíza (a vacant lot between Banco Popular and 1808 Loiza St., Santurce)

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