Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Yes, We Innovate at STEM Events and Flowers by Anabelle!!!

From time to time we visit Ibiza looking for new trends and ideas, tendencies that we incorporate in our event décor projects and in the creation of unique pieces, flower arrangements or focal points. We like to innovate, be unique. Our motive, our drive is the creation of projects of unforgettable appeal with a unique approach to blooming beauty. We travel around the Island this year and we visit two of the most important markets, the Hippie Market of Las Dalias and Punta Arabí.  We talked to a few locals in and out the markets, in particular artisans that sell around the beautiful beaches urban type jewelry using as the main piece flowers made out of paper, leather and other materials. Following you will find some pictures of fabulous people we met at the Island, pieces and places that inspired us. We think of us as innovators, our style evolves every day, that’s why every project, flower arrangement or event is unique. 

Following are two special photos that capture the impact of our experience, the finding of new trends and ideas. 

Photo Shoot of Bodine Koehler, Miss Puerto Rico Universe, in Miami wearing a Magnificent and Unique neck piece made of Red Roses, foliage and Peacock Plumes prepared by our flower designer Anabelle Barranco:

Bodine Koehler and Monic Pérez wearing two fabulous neck pieces on the Cover of CARAS Magazine, December 2012, both created by Anabelle:

Here, wearing a head piece prepared with Cymbidium Orchids by Anabelle Barranco:

Photos we took at Ibiza that triggered our flower designer, Anabelle to create fabulous jewelery made out of natural flowers.  

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